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Kayla Goddu - Designer + Owner

I'm Kayla, a jewelry designer dedicated to crafting pieces for those who cherish creativity and share a passion for interior design. With a background rooted in design and a penchant for utilizing trade materials, I translate my inspiration from interior spaces and textiles into unique jewelry creations.

My affinity for jewelry ignited at a young age, where I gravitated towards distinctive, statement pieces that reflected my individuality. While my journey with jewelry began in childhood, it wasn't until I immersed myself in a metals course at The Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in 2003 that my skills truly began to flourish.

Drawing from my education and experience in design, as well as my genuine love for handmade craftsmanship, I founded Icing on the Kake in the Spring of 2014. Today, my jewelry line is showcased through my online Etsy shop and at trunk shows and craft events, where enthusiasts can explore and appreciate my unique creations.

Discover more about Icing on the Kake by following along on Instagram + Pinterest, and join me in celebrating the artistry of handmade jewelry.


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